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Welcome to SMYO's home on the web!

Home of SMYO Soccer, SMYO Flag Football and the SMYO Baseball MUSTANGS!

SMYO has been serving the youth of Charles County since 1971. 

We currently offer programs in soccer and baseball, and Flag Football!  Our Soccer Program has been growing each and every season.  Our Baseball Programs offer a Recreational League as well as a Brand New Travel League.  We also offer FREE Fitness and Fundamentals Clinics for each sport at the beginning of the Spring and Fall Sporting Seasons.  Our facilities in Pomfret, Maryland offer players and their families a concessions stand, Clubhouse, Playground, three batting cages, four baseball fields, five soccer fields and 2 flag football fields.  Come check us out. 

All Players Welcome!

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Park Rules

SMYO Facility Rules and Policies

The SMYO Board of Directors welcomes you to our facility and hope you enjoy your visit.  To keep our facility safe and a
fun place to play baseball, soccer, and flag football we have the following rules:



Tobacco Products (Smoking, Chewing, Dipping or Vaping)
Large Coolers
Outside Food


We operate a fully functioning concessions, NO outside food, grills, and large coolers are permitted. 

For the safety of our members and guests, we do not allow PETS and BAREFEETIf there is a pet found at the facility, we will ask you to remove the Pet. We do not have areas available to kennel your Pet. Please leave them at home.

Shirts and shoes are required at all times. 

We offer a Smoking Area next to the dumpsters in the parking area.

SMYO is a recycling facility and please place your plastic bottles and items in our conveniently marked recycle bins placed throughout the facility next to a trash can.

Safety is our top priorty, please watch for foul balls around the baseball fields. 

Parents must supervise their children at the playground. 

Remember, our wooded areas surrounding the fields have dangers such as snakes, ticks, poison oak and ivy. 

If you should need assistance or have an emergency, please go to the concessions or send another adult.

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SMYO Soccer

2015 FALL Soccer Season!
If you would like more information about SMYO Soccer, click the links on the left under Soccer.

Soccer Registration is CLOSED. Very few open spots available, contact the Soccer Commissioner. 


Please remember our coaches and all SMYO Board Members are volunteers.  They've agreed to help provide a fun and safe place for your child to learn and play soccer.  Help when you can.


MARK YOUR Calendars!!


Practices will begin mid-August for Fall Season.


Soccer Parents Meeting 30 July - 6pm PW, U7, U9 and 7pm U12, U14, U18 @ SMYO Clubhouse

Coaches Meeting - 29 July 6:30-8pm @ SMYO Clubhouse


Soccer Field Prep - 8 August 7am until all is complete

All coaches/parents please attend to help line fields, set goals, and put equipment/ball bags together

Uniforms - Pick up TBD

Game Schedules - Ready the week of the first game

First Soccer Games - Saturday, 29 August

Team Pictures - TBD


Equipment & Uniforms

Each player must have shin guards, cleats, and soccer socks that cover the shin guards, and a water bottle.  Coaches can not let a child practice unless they have proper gear and water.   SMYO provides game uniforms (jersey, shorts, and socks).  These are mandatory uniforms for all games and coaches will not play a child in a game if they are not in proper uniform.


Soccer Skills Nights

Skills nights will be available throughout the Summer. Look for announcements for dates, time, etc. These training sessions will emphasize on the fundamentals of soccer.


Coaches Online Training - NYSCA Online Training - If you didn’t not complete this course, please let me know.


Practice Locations

    U7, U9, U12 (few) practice at SMYO

    U12 practices at Craik Elementary

    U14 & U18 practices at Bensville Park and Wade Elementary School


SMYO Soccer Fields

We will again be hosting U9 and U12 County games at our fields. We will have 2 intermediate fields, one PW and one U7 field this season.


Game Locations for U12, U14 and U18 (maps are located on the SMYO web site, select tab on the left for Field Locations):    SMYO Intermediate Field (U12) - Continuing Spring 2015Bensville Park on Route 229Pomonkey Annex in Bryans Road (behind JC Parks Elementary) Pisgah Park on Mason Springs Road - Closed for Spring;  White Plains Park on St. Charles Parkway;  Bryantown Complex on Route 5 south of Waldorf; Laurel Springs Park on Radio Station Road in LaPlata


Program Updates - Lights on the Soccer Fields!!! Portable TORCHES that light up a swath of 60’ will be set on our fields for evening activities. These must be disassembled and stored in the soccer shed.

Fall Age Groups

U18 August 1, 1997 - July 31, 2001

U14 August 1, 2001– July 31, 2003

U12 August 1, 2003 – July 31, 2006

U9 August 1, 2006 – July 31, 2008

U7 August 1, 2008 – July 31, 2010

PeeWee Soccer – August 1 2010 - July 31, 2011

(must be 4 yrs by August 1st)


SMYO Policy: Parents may not request coaches, practice nights/times, or practice/games locations.
SMYO Policy: No refunds after uniforms are ordered and players are placed on a team.

Maryland State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA) Soccer Coaching License Courses

Go to www.msysa.org
Click Coaches Education to find the information

Entry Level Referee Course Information
Click Here

National Alliance for Youth Sports Online Clinics
Mandatory for all SOCCER Coaches for Spring 2014

The videos also features great commentary and personal experiences shared by well-known and highly respected professional and collegiate coaches, as well as insights from some of the nation's leading youth sports educators.
Board Meetings

1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month @ 6:30pm

1st and 3rd Saturday of every month @ 4:30pm once practices for the season start


Spring March-June
Registration for Spring - December through mid-February

Fall September-October
Registration for Fall - June through mid-July


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Bucking Station Wagon Syndrome

Bucking Station Wagon Syndrome | US Youth Soccer


For some kids playing soccer, their biggest battle doesn’t occur on the field, but rather in the backseat of the car on the way home, as one or both parents give their minute-by-minute recap of the game. They cover why Johnny has no business starting at forward and how Jason playing on the right as opposed to the left is a travesty.

This situation was identified as “station wagon syndrome” by University of Missouri School of Law professor Douglas Abrams, and the name alone should suggest that this isn’t a new revelation, but rather an issue that has been around for a couple of decades. Abrams describes station wagon syndrome occurring when “The youngsters are a captive audience in the back seat on the way home, but they deserve to ride in peace without being unwilling victims of their parents” (Abrams 2002).

For US Youth Soccer Director of Coaching, Sam Snow, the conversation after a match or training session should be short and sweet.

“The only things parents need to say is, ‘I love watching you play,’ end of story,” Snow said. “I know it sounds overly simple, and it is harder to actually carry out.”

Coaches can have enough issues trying to portray a consistent message to their players while parents attempt to coach from the sidelines — a situation in which coaches have at least some control. However, their jurisdiction ends when the kids enter the car.

“Parents want to be sure that they are not coaching, whether it is on the sideline or afterward in the car,” Snow said. “If you do that then you could intentionally or unintentionally contradict what the coach is saying, and that is only going to confuse the player.”

Snow explains that this is prevalent on the entire spectrum of youth soccer ranging from 5-year-old recreational players to 17-year-olds playing in the most competitive environment. The range of soccer knowledge a parent has is also vast, but both of these should be irrelevant in regards to a parent coaching a player.

“Parents have to keep it in the forefront of their minds that this is their child’s game and not theirs, whether the parents are a former player or not,” Snow said. “While there happens to be spectators at the match, this isn’t for the spectators. It is for the kids.”

At some point, it is inevitable that a parent is going to disagree with what a coach is doing, and in this situation, Snow simply recommends the parent makes an appointment as opposed to voicing concerns right after a match or training session.

“You don’t want to voice your concerns right after a match or training session because emotions are going to be high. You wouldn’t go complain to your child’s teacher immediately after the exam in the middle of the day, would you?” Snow said. “It is the same thing with a soccer coach, and if you wait 24 hours to schedule an appointment then a discussion can occur.”

While Snow is a strong advocate of parents not contradicting their child’s coach with or without the coach present, he insists it is imperative that parents represent a support system, especially if the player begins to play in more competitive environments.

“If a player gets older and decides to commit more effort to start playing at a higher level, he or she is going to need more of a commitment from the entire family,” Snow said. “There are going to be a lot of highs and lows associated with playing at a higher level, and it is very important for a player to have an emotional safety net.”

Ultimately, it comes down to the mindset parents have in approaching their child playing soccer, and for that Snow references a friend and colleague Andy Coutts, Director of Education for Minnesota Youth Soccer Association.

“You ask the parents if they are looking at their child playing soccer as an investment or a gift. If it is an investment, then you are looking for a return on investment whether it is a college scholarship or pro contract, but I tell them that will only end in heartache and you are better off putting that money into a financial service to pay for college,” Snow said. “However, if you look at it as a gift and you don’t expect anything in return like a birthday present, then the world is open for them, and both the kids and parent can enjoy it for as long as they want.”




by posted 09/01/2014

Welcome to SMYO's Baseball Program!


Please remember our coaches and all SMYO Board Members are volunteers.  They've agreed to help provide a fun and safe place for your child to learn and play baseball.  Our coaches are taught to solicit parents to help out during games and practices.  Please help them when you can and it will be appreciated.


Our priority at SMYO is to have a safe place for our children to learn and play sports.  If you see something wrong, say or do something.  Keep in mind that the woods have dangerous things such as snakes, ticks, and wild animals (we have seen a Fox).  Please watch your children play around the fields and at the playground.  We also remind everyone of the Rules for the SMYO fields:  No Pets, No Alcohol, No Bare Feet, No Cursing, and ASOLUTELY No Violence (threats or physical violence).


Equipment & Uniforms

Each player must have a glove, cleats, and plenty of water or Gatorade.  SMYO provides game jersey, hats and socks.  These are mandatory uniforms for all games.


Skills Nights

Skills nights will be incorporated into the game schedule for each age group. These training sessions will emphasize on the fundamentals of baseball.  These sessions will be FREE and open to anyone who wants extra time on the field working with different coaches. 





SMYO Field Prep

All parents, players and coaches are urged to help out.  Saturday, Aug 29th,  9AM until ?? completed More Information to follow.


Practice Locations

6U, 8U, 10U, 14U & 16U will practice at SMYO and at local schools in Charles County.  The school fields are permitted for use.  Your coach will have a permit provided by SMYO for these facilities.  So, make sure you know where your practices are to be held.  The coaches will give out this information.


SMYO Fields

Please monitor your children for safety while sitting, playing or enjoying our fields.  FOUL BALLS do leave the fields of play.  This can be painful if you are not paying attention.  Please BE ALERT!


Game Locations for Baseball :

To Be Determined


Schedules - Ready the week of the first game.  First games are to be scheduled for Sept 12th


Uniforms - Coaches will give out uniforms prior to the first game

First Baseball Games - Saturday, Sept 12th


Season Ends - Saturday, Oct 31st

Team Pictures - To Be Determined

I try every season to see each team play a game.  If you have any questions or concerns during the season, please talk to your Coach first.  If you do not get the issue resolved, Jodi Brill is your Baseball Commissioner.  She can be reached at .    If you feel the issue was not resolved, you can email our President, Kris Parnes at or you can text her at 202-607-9540.  Our goal is for everyone to enjoy playing sports.  One key way for us to succeed is through Open Communication.

Thank you for choosing SMYO (www.smyo.org) and we hope you and your player have a great season!

by posted 03/03/2014
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