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Home of SMYO Soccer, SMYO Flag Football and the SMYOBaseball MUSTANGS!

SMYO has been serving the youth of Charles County since 1971. 

We currently offer programs in soccer and baseball, and new for Spring 2014 we will be offering Flag Football!  Our Soccer Program has been growing each and every season.  Our Baseball Programs offer a Recreational League as well as a Brand New Travel League.  We also offer FREE Fitness and Fundamentals Clinics for each sport at the beginning of the Spring and Fall Sporting Seasons.  Our facilities in Pomfret, Maryland offer players and their families a concessions stand, Clubhouse, Playground, three batting cages, four baseball fields, five soccer fields and 2 flag football fields.  Come check us out. 

All Players Welcome!

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SMYO Spring Team Pictures
by posted 04/10/2014


11, 12, 13 April


Coaches will receive order forms for all players.  You can look at the products and
place an order online through the TSS Photography SMYO web page.  Use the
online order and be done before you arrive at picture time.

NO CLEATS in the Clubhouse. Please have players wear sneakers, slides, or other foot wear.

Friday, April 11
Arrive 30 minutes before your picture time to browse display items and complete order form.
This is a mandatory participation by all teams and we place the teams 5x7 picture in the SMYO Clubhouse.
Photographer has equipment for use in pictures.


Soccer       Soccer  
Time Team     Time Team  
6:00pm PW Sanders     6:00pm PW Queen  
6:20pm PW White     6:20pm U14 Parnes  
6:40pm U12 Hudler     6:40pm    
7:00pm U12 Talactac     7:00pm U18 Boys Arsenel  
7:20pm U18 Boys Gunners     7:20pm U18 Girls  
7:40pm U9 Long     7:40pm U9 White  
8:00pm U7 Moniz     8:00pm U7 Buonicotti  
8:20pm U12 Taxbox     8:20pm    

 Saturday Morning, April, 12th
Arrive 30 minutes before your picture time to browse display items and complete order form.
This is a mandatory participation by all teams and we place the teams 5x7 picture in the SMYO Clubhouse.
Photographer has equipment for use in pictures.
Soccer       Soccer    
Time Team     Time Team  
9am PW O'Hara     9am U14 White  
9:20am U14 Griffith     9:20am    
9:40am U12 Stern     9:40am U7 Lott  
10am U7 Griffin     10:00am U12 Larsen  
10:20am U7 Oakes     10:20am    
10:40am U7 Meaders     10:40am    

 Sunday Morning, April, 13th
Arrive 30 minutes before your picture time to browse display items and complete order form.
This is a mandatory participation by all teams and we place the teams 5x7 picture in the SMYO Clubhouse.
Photographer has equipment for use in pictures.

Flag Football       Flag Football  
Time Team     Time Team
11:40am U9 Browns     11:40am U9 Bears
12pm U9 Jaguars     12pm U7 Jaguars
12:20pm U9 Bills     12:20pm U7 Cardinals
12:40pm U12 Bills     12:40pm U7 Bills
1:00pm U7 Chargers     1:00pm  
1:20pm U9 Chargers      1:20pm U9 Cardinals
1:40pm U12 Bears      1:40pm U12 Jaguars
2:00pm U12 Browns     2:00pm U12 Chargers
2:20pm U7 Browns     2:20pm U7 Bears


*** Baseball Picture Days and Schedule will be released soon.


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Concessions Spring 2014
by posted 04/03/2014



Spring 2014 brings improvements and few changes.  We are a full-service concessions

with meals, snacks, drinks, and restrooms located on the back side of our building.


We will operate 6 days a week, Tuesday through Sunday.  Closed on Mondays.


Please stop and support SMYO!  Concessions monies support our facilities and sport programs.


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DC United 17 May 2014
by posted 04/01/2014

SMYO NIGHT with DC United!!!!!
17 May 2014

RED/BLACK v Montreal

Tickets - $28 per seat plus handling
Section - 311 (under cover)

Discount Link -




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Dick's Sporting Goods Sponsorship
by posted 03/23/2014
                 Dick's Sporting Goods is a Sponsor of SMYO.
 Dick's Sporting Goods has offered discount savings for our members.
Select the sport that your child plays and print the coupons.



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SMYO Soccer
by posted 02/24/2014
2014 Spring Soccer Season!
Spring 2014 Soccer Registration - Registration is CLOSED for PW - U12.
Spots are available on U14 and U18 teams.

Team Notification
Coaches will notify teams late Feb/early March.

All County, School, and SMYO Soccer Fields remain closed until 17 March.
Teams may meet but are not allowed to start practicing until fields are reopened.

Important Dates

Practices start - 14 March -- postponed until 17 March
First Games (County and SMYO) - 29 March
Opening Day Parade - 5 April
Pictures - 11/12 April

Game Saturdays
29 March
5, 12, 26 April
3, 10, 17, 31 May
7, 14 Jun

Games will also be played during the week
Coaches Training
This season training will be a bit different. The first hour will be guidelines, safety, and way forward for SMYO Soccer from me with the second 2-hours FIFA Laws of the Game training written and presented by Joyce Dinello.   Any licensed coach does not have to attend the second 2-hours.  Please make sure you have given me a copy of your license, if you have not done so.
Attendance is mandatory by all Head and Assistant Coaches. Please attend one session.  
Dates for training are as follows:
15 Feb, 3pm SMYO Clubhouse
23 Feb, 3pm SMYO Clubhouse
2 Mar, 3pm SMYO Clubhouse
Important Dates:
8 Feb, 10am - 4pm Final Registration Day-- On-line closes at midnight
1 Mar, 9am Field Prep
17 Mar, Practices start
29 Mar, First Games
Fundamentals/Skills Week 3-6 March
Canceled due to Extreme Cold and Snow

Look for information on Small Group Skills Camps throughout the season
Goal Keeper Training
Starts with week of 17 March
2013/14 Winter Soccer Season!
Futsal and Indoor Games - Check out your favorite player this winter at Henson Middle School or Capital Clubhouse

Winter Pick Up Soccer - Interested? Email
Maryland State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA) E License Course

All E License courses are closed.

Go to
Click Coaches Education to find the information for the E License Course

or any other State Soccer License

Entry Level Referee Course Information
Click Here

National Alliance for Youth Sports Online Clinics
Mandatory for all SOCCER Coaches for Spring 2014

The videos also features great commentary and personal experiences shared by well-known and highly respected professional and collegiate coaches, as well as insights from some of the nation's leading youth sports educators.
Board Meetings
1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month @ 6:30pm

Spring March-June
Registration for Spring - December through mid-February

Fall September-October
Registration for Fall - June through mid-July

SMYO Policy parents may not request coaches, practice nights/times, or practice/games locations.
SMYO Policy states no refunds after a player has been placed on a team.

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Spring Goal Keeper Training
by posted 11/28/2013
SPRING Goal Keeper Training

SMYO Soccer is once again teaming with Gretton Goal Keeping to provide professional keeper training for all levels and skill. Schedules for training will be published at a later date.

We will offer Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced training.

Dates for 2014 Spring Training are as follows:

*** NOTE Change in dates

PW and U7 Clinic
18 March - 6pm and 7pm - POSTPONED

Beginner GK Training -- $35
28 March (6-7pm), 11 April (6-7pm), 2 May (6-7pm)

Intermediate GK Training  -- $50
28 March (7-8pm), 4 April (6-7pm), 11 April (7-8pm), 25 April (6-7pm), 16 May (6-7pm)

Advanced GK Training  --$75
4 April (7-8pm), 25 April (7-8pm), 2 May (7-8pm), 16 May (7-8pm), 20 May (6-7pm)

Make Up Dates: 5/30 and 6/6

If there are any questions about this training program, please contact .com
Beginner Program
This program is for the beginner level player that is interested in becoming a goalkeeper between the ages of 7-10 years old. The training focuses on learning the correct techniques in catching, diving, shot stopping, positioning, distribution, footwork and complementary skill sets. Proper safety techniques are also introduced to not prevent unnecessary injury. Fun shot stopping competitions are used to practice skills and techniques introduced in program. 
Intermediate Program
This program is for the intermediate level goalkeeper who has already been trained on a beginner level. Ideal age frame is 11-13 years old. The program focuses on taking the basic goalkeeper skills and transferring them into pressure training situations. Also executed is proper form and handling of restarts, breakaways, angles and alternative distribution. Intense shot stopping drills are used to evaluate each individuals progress and potential. 
Advanced Program
This program is for the advanced level keeper who has already been involved in intermediate level training for at least 2 full seasons. Ideal age is 13 and up but special exceptions can be given. The program is heavily based on intense pressure training based on game situations. While this program does cover all the A-Z techniques and skills sets of general goalkeeper training, it also focuses on communication, leadership, strength/agility, endurance and metal qualities needed to excel in the position. The goal of this program is to enhance the players skill set with the goal of excelling at the high school level and beyond. 

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Calendar is loading...
Field Status
Arnold Park - Arnold TBD (4/20) 
Bensville Park - White Plains TBD (4/20) 
Berry Elem Field # 1 - Waldorf TBD (4/20) 
Berry Elem Field # 2 - Waldorf TBD (4/20) 
Bryantown Soccer Complex - Waldorf TBD (4/20) 
Charlie Wright Park - Indian Head TBD (4/20) 
Cove Point #1 TBD (4/20) 
Cove Point #5 - Lusby TBD (4/20) 
Craik Elem Field # 1 - Pomfret TBD (4/20) 
Craik Elem Field # 2 - Pomfret TBD (4/20) 
Craik Soccer Field - Pomfret TBD (4/20) 
Crofton Park 4 - Crofton TBD (4/20) 
Crofton Park Field#2 - Crofton TBD (4/20) 
Davidsonville Park 3 TBD (4/20) 
Dunkirk Park - Dunkirk TBD (4/20) 
Foxhill Park - Bowie TBD (4/20) 
Friendship Farm Park - Nanjemoy TBD (4/20) 
G Hwy #3 TBD (4/20) 
Gambrills Athletic Club TBD (4/20) 
Generals Highway 4 TBD (4/20) 
Grisiom Field 2 - Annapolis TBD (4/20) 
Hallowing Point Park - Prince Frederick TBD (4/20) 
Hallowing Point Park #2 TBD (4/20) 
Hallowing Point Park 3 TBD (4/20) 
Huntingtown HS TBD (4/20) 
Jericho Park 1 TBD (4/20) 
Jericho Park 2 - Bowie TBD (4/20) 
Jericho Park 3 TBD (4/20) 
JPYO Province Park TBD (4/20) 
Kinder Farm Park 60'' TBD (4/20) 
Kinder Park 70'' Turf TBD (4/20) 
Kinder Park 90 foot TBD (4/20) 
Laurel Springs 6 TBD (4/20) 
Laurel Springs 7 TBD (4/20) 
Laurel Springs 8 TBD (4/20) 
Laurel Springs Park - LaPlata TBD (4/20) 
Lettie Dent 5th District TBD (4/20) 
Loch Haven Park TBD (4/20) 
Mattawoman MS Field # 2 - Waldorf TBD (4/20) 
Mattawoman MS Field #1 - Waldorf TBD (4/20) 
Mount Saint Joseph HS TBD (4/20) 
Mowbray Park 2 TBD (4/20) 
North Point HS #3 TBD (4/20) 
Northern HS TBD (4/20) 
Oak Ridge Park - Hughesville TBD (4/20) 
Old Love Point TBD (4/20) 
PAL Park 1 TBD (4/20) 
PAL Park 3 TBD (4/20) 
Pisgah Park - La Plata TBD (4/20) 
Pomonkey Annex Soccer - Indian Head TBD (4/20) 
Prince Georges Stadium TBD (4/20) 
Regency Stadium - Waldorf TBD (4/20) 
Sasscer Field 1 TBD (4/20) 
SMYO - Pomfret OPEN (4/20) 
SMYO 1 - Pomfret OPEN (4/20) 
SMYO 2 - Pomfret OPEN (4/20) 
SMYO 3 - Pomfret OPEN (4/20) 
SMYO 4 - Pomfret OPEN (4/20) 
SMYO Batting Cage 1 - Pomfret TBD (4/20) 
SMYO Batting Cage 2 - Pomfret TBD (4/20) 
SMYO Batting Cage 3 - Pomfret TBD (4/20) 
SMYO Clubhouse - Pomfret TBD (4/20) 
SMYO Concessions - Pomfret TBD (4/20) 
SMYO Soccer PeeWee A - Pomfret TBD (4/20) 
SMYO Soccer PeeWee B - Pomfret TBD (4/20) 
SMYO Soccer U7 - Pomfret TBD (4/20) 
SMYO Soccer U9 - Pomfret TBD (4/20) 
SMYO Soccer U9 Game - Pomfret TBD (4/20) 
St. Joseph Church - Pomfret TBD (4/20) 
Stethem Memorial Complex - Waldorf TBD (4/20) 
Stratton Woods TBD (4/20) 
Upper Marlboro Wise High - Upper Marlboro TBD (4/20) 
Valley View Park Ft Wash - Fort Washington TBD (4/20) 
Wade Elem Field # 1 - Waldorf TBD (4/20) 
Wade Elem Field # 2 - Waldorf TBD (4/20) 
Wade Soccer Field - Waldorf TBD (4/20) 
Watkins Regional Park 2 TBD (4/20) 
White Plains A TBD (4/20) 
White Plains Park - White Plains TBD (4/20) 
Whitemarsh Park TBD (4/20) 
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Help SMYO by making a donation or being a sponsor.  We accept donations from individuals and offer sponsorship levels for businesses.  Please help SMYO continue for another 40 years providing a learning, fun, and safe environment for soccer and baseball.  We are the only non-profit youth sports organization in Charles County that own their own property and we offer two sport programs for all players.   If you want to sponsor a specific activity or item (for example, field light replacement, new digital sign by the road), please contact us at
Board Of Directors
SMYO Board of Directors
Kris Parnes - President
Acting Baseball Commissioner

Jason Griffith -Vice President (

Dee Griffith - Treasurer

Marquita Queen-Foxworth - Secretary

Melissa Blondell - Soccer Commissioner

Bobby Hudler - Co-Flag Football Commissioner

Stephanie Stanton

Laureen Salvagnini

Nick Mammano - (The Man)
Baseball Clinic Chairman

Jay Weyrich - Co-Flag Football Commissioner

Joe Moniz

Emily Hammet

Joyce Dinello, Advisor

If you are interested in being considered for a Board of Directors position, please contact .

Board Meetings occur on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month.  All members are welcome and encouraged to attend.