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  • SMYO Board of Directors welcomes you to your facility and hope you enjoy your visit.  To keep our facility safe and a fun place to play baseball, soccer, and flag football we have the following rules:  NO  Pets, Tobacco Products (Smoking, Chewing, Dipping or Vaping), Alcohol, Barefeet, Bicycles, Littering, Rollerblades, Skateboards, Large Coolers, Grills On Property, Outside Food, Glass
Welcome to SMYO's home on the web!

SMYO Serving the Youth of Charles County since 1971.  45 Years Strong!!!

Home of SMYO Soccer, SMYO Flag Football and the SMYO Baseball MUSTANGS!

We offer a Family Environment; Safe, Friendly and Fun for all.  Families with multiple sporting interest find SMYO the most accommodating organization in this area with programs in Baseball, Soccer and Flag Football.  Younger age groups ALL play at SMYO.


We currently offer programs in soccer and baseball, and Flag Football!  Our Soccer Program has been growing each and every season.  Our Baseball Programs offer a Recreational League as well as a Travel League Division.  Our Flag Football Program has grown (20%) consisently since it's launch in 2014.  We also offer FREE Fitness and Fundamentals Clinics for each sport at the beginning of the Spring and Fall Sporting Seasons.  Our facilities in Pomfret, Maryland offer players and their families a fully functioning Concessions Stand, Clubhouse (for meetings), Playground, three batting cages, four baseball fields (60', 70' & 90' depending on our needs), five soccer fields and 2 flag football fields.  Come check us out. 

All Players Welcome!

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Flag Football Picture Schedule - 6/5/16

11:15 pm

FFBall U7 Eagles

11:15 pm

FFBall U7 Packers

12:15 pm

FFBall U7 Chargers

12:15 pm

FFBall U7 Saints

1:15 pm

FFBall U10 Ravens

1:15 pm

FFBall U10 Panthers

2:15 pm

FFBall U10 Redskins

2:15 pm

FFBall U10 Chiefs

2:30 pm

FFBall U10 Buccaneers

3:15 pm

FFBall U15 49ers

3:15 pm

FFBall U15 Dolphins

3:30 pm

FFBall U15 Seahawks



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   Image result for pony league          SMYO is very excited to announce our affiliation with PONY Baseball.


PONY has a very decorated history dating back to 1951 and is known for offering safe programs that help to foster and protect our youth. A philosophy that we also strongly support.

Several Major League Baseball players, including former stars like Ken Griffey Jr., Nolan Ryan and Cal Ripen Jr. grew up playing PONY baseball.

Today the organization includes more than 500,000 boys and girls of all ages. Our partnership with PONY baseball will afford several benefits. Some of those include: participation in "All Star" tournaments, inter-league games with other PONY organizations, coach & umpire training opportunities and fundraising support.

For more information regarding Pony Baseball click here.

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Boston's Celebrates SMYO

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Challenger Sport Camp @ SMYO




Improve your game with the most popular soccer camp in the USA & Canada!   

  • Improved footwork

  • Better first touch

  • Better shooting technique

  • More confidence

  • More effective in games

  • More fun!





June 27th - July 1st  2016

August 15th - 19th 2016


Jersey Deadline:

45 Days before camp


Have a question? Contact us on Email, Phone, Facebook, Twitter. We're here to help.

Your local Regional Director:
Gary Hodgson


Get Social

Challenger SportsYou are receiving this email from a Challenger Sports Camp Host Organization
If you have any questions please reply to or call 800.878.2167

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HEY Coach


Calling all Coaches!



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SMYO Soccer

2016 SPRING Soccer Season!
If you would like more information about SMYO Soccer, click the links above for Soccer.


Please remember our coaches and all SMYO Board Members are volunteers.  They've agreed to help provide a fun and safe place for your child to learn and play soccer.  Help when you can.


Check the Events Calendar for UPCOMING Training Dates!

SMYO Policy: Parents may not request coaches, practice nights/times, or practice/games locations.

SMYO Policy: Refund- Registration fees are non-refundable. If there are extreme circumstances, the registered member will need to request a refund in writing to the Board of Directors and the information presented to the Board. 

Spring 2016 Age Groups

U18 August 1, 1997 - July 31, 2001

U14 August 1, 2001– July 31, 2003

U12 August 1, 2003 – July 31, 2006

U9 August 1, 2006 – July 31, 2008

U7 August 1, 2008 – July 31, 2010

PeeWee Soccer – August 1 2010 - July 31, 2011

(must be 4 yrs by August 1st)

Click HERE for more information about SMYO Soccer

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Welcome to SMYO's Baseball Program!


Please remember our coaches and all SMYO Board Members are volunteers.  They've agreed to help provide a fun and safe place for your child to learn and play baseball.  Our coaches are taught to solicit parents to help out during games and practices.  Please help them when you can and it will be appreciated.


Our priority at SMYO is to have a safe place for our children to learn and play sports.  If you see something wrong, say or do something.  Keep in mind that the woods have dangerous things such as snakes, ticks, and wild animals (we have seen a Fox).  Please watch your children play around the fields and at the playground.  We also remind everyone of the Rules for the SMYO fields:  No Pets, No Alcohol, No Bare Feet, No Cursing, and ASOLUTELY No Violence (threats or physical violence).


Equipment & Uniforms

Each player must have a glove, cleats, and plenty of water or Gatorade.  SMYO provides game jersey, hats and socks.  These are mandatory uniforms for all games.


Skills Nights

Skills nights will be incorporated into the game schedule for each age group. These training sessions will emphasize on the fundamentals of baseball.  These sessions will be FREE and open to anyone who wants extra time on the field working with different coaches. 


SMYO Field Prep

All parents, players and coaches are urged to help out.  Spring Date TBD


Practice Locations

6U, 8U, 10U, 14U & 16U practice at SMYO and at local schools in Charles County.  The school fields are permitted for use.  Your coach has a permit provided by SMYO for these facilities.  So, make sure you know where your practices are to be held.  The coaches will give out this information.


SMYO Fields

Please monitor your children for safety while sitting, playing or enjoying our fields.  FOUL BALLS do leave the fields of play.  This can be painful if you are not paying attention.  Please BE ALERT!


Game Locations for Baseball : Spring TBD


Schedules - Ready the week of the first game.  


Uniforms - Coaches will give out uniforms prior to the first game

First Baseball Games - Spring Dates TBD


Season Ends - Spring Dates TBD

Team Pictures - Spring Dates TBD

If you have any questions or concerns during the season, please talk to your Coach first.  If you do not get the issue resolved, contact the Baseball Commissioner at smyobaseball@gmail.com . Our goal is for everyone to enjoy playing sports.  One key way for us to succeed is through Open Communication.

Thank you for choosing SMYO (www.smyo.org) and we hope you and your player have a great season!

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Help SMYO by making a donation or being a sponsor.  We accept donations from individuals and offer sponsorship levels for businesses.  Please help SMYO continue for another 45 years providing a learning, fun, and safe environment for all youth of Charles County.  We are the only non-profit youth sports organization in Charles County that own their own property and we offer three sport programs for all players.   If you want to sponsor a specific activity or item (for example, field light replacement, new digital sign by the road), please contact us at .

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Upcoming Games
Field Status
SMYO - Pomfret OPEN (5/26) 
SMYO 1 - Pomfret TBD (5/26) 
SMYO 2 - Pomfret TBD (5/26) 
SMYO 3 - Pomfret TBD (5/26) 
SMYO 4 - Pomfret TBD (5/26) 
SMYO Batting Cage 1 - Pomfret TBD (5/26) 
SMYO Batting Cage 2 - Pomfret TBD (5/26) 
SMYO Batting Cage 3 - Pomfret TBD (5/26) 
SMYO Clubhouse - Pomfret TBD (5/26) 
SMYO Concessions - Pomfret TBD (5/26) 
SMYO Football Field 1 - Pomfret OPEN (5/26) 
SMYO Football Field 2 - Pomfret OPEN (5/26) 
SMYO Soccer PeeWee - Pomfret TBD (5/26) 
SMYO Soccer U7 Field 1 - Pomfret TBD (5/26) 
SMYO Soccer U9/U12 1 - Pomfret TBD (5/26) 
SMYO Soccer U9/U12 2 - Pomfret TBD (5/26) 
Soccer-Bensville Park - White Plains TBD (5/26) 
Soccer-Craik Elementary - pomfret TBD (5/26) 
Soccer-Laurel Springs - La Plata TBD (5/26) 
Soccer-Pisgah Park - La Plata TBD (5/26) 
Soccer-Wade Elementary - Waldorf TBD (5/26) 
Soccer-White Plains - Waldorf TBD (5/26) 



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SMYO Refund Policy

Registration fees are non-refundable. If there are extreme circumstances, the registered member will need to request a refund in writing to the Board of Directors and then the information is presented to the Board. The Board of the Directors has the final determination.