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Welcome to SMYO's home on the web!

SMYO Serving the Youth of Charles County since 1971.  

46 Years Strong!!!

Home of SMYO Little League Baseball, SMYO Soccer, and 

SMYO Flag Football.

We offer a Family Environment; Safe, Friendly and Fun for all.  Families with multiple sporting interest find SMYO the most accommodating organization in this area with programs in Baseball, Soccer and Flag Football.  Younger age groups ALL play at SMYO.


We currently offer programs in soccer and baseball, and Flag Football!  Our Soccer Program has been growing each and every season.  Our Baseball Programs offer a Recreational League as well as a Travel League Division.  Our Flag Football Program has grown (20%) consistently since it's launch in 2014.  We also offer FREE Fitness and Fundamentals Clinics for each sport at the beginning of the Spring and Fall Sporting Seasons.  Our facilities in Pomfret, Maryland offer players and their families a fully functioning Concessions Stand, Clubhouse (for meetings), Playground, three batting cages, four baseball fields (60', 70' & 90' depending on our needs), five soccer fields and 2 flag football fields.  Come check us out. 

Meetings are 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month starting at 6:30pm. During the Spring and Fall sports seasons, meetings are held on the Saturday following the 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 4:30pm.

All Players Welcome!

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SMYO Fall Picture Dayzz

SMYO Picture Dayzz @ SMYO Clubhouse

Pictures are an important part of capturing fun memories that your child is having while playing youth sports.

The SMYO Picture Day is scheduled for the FALL 2017 season, October 20/21.

Please CLICK HERE for more information regarding your child's Picture Day, including schedules, order forms, and products available.

Even if you are not interested in purchasing the pictures, many other families will purchase team photos, and it would be great if all the kids showed up on time for their team picture.

TSS Photography is the leader in youth sports, school, and event photography. The quality and quantity of their products are excellent, and their customer service is even better... All at a reasonable price!

If you have any questions about Picture Day, please contact TSS Photography at (301) 645-8879.


Team schedule!

Friday 20 October 2017   Saturday 21 October 2017
6:20pm U7 Mustangs Machine Pitch Cubs     9:00am U7 Cheetahs TBall Storm
6:40pm U7 Stingrays Machine Pitch Orioles     9:20am U7 Lil Strikers TBall Volcanoes
7:00pm U14 Blaze Machine Pitch Mets     9:40am U9 Sharks TBall Bees
7:20pm U12 Sharks Minor Braves     10:00am U9 Waves TBall Wahoos
7:40pm U12 Volcanoes Major Orioles     10:20am   Minor Yankees
8:00pm U12 Eagles Major Nationals     10:40am   Minor Blue Jays
8:20pm U14 Haze U12 Wolfpack     11:00am U9 Lightning Sball Lightning Bugs

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SMYO Soccer

2017 FALL Soccer Season!
If you would like more information about SMYO Soccer, click the links above for Soccer or email smyosoccer@gmail.com

2017 FALL Dates to Remember:

Season Dates:

  • 1 Jun- 22 July - Registration
  • 16 July - 13 Aug - Rostering, Ordering, Scheduling
  • Date TBD - Coach's Meeting
  • 19 Aug - Fall Field Prep
  • 21 Aug - Practices Start
  • 9 Sep - First Game

All dates are tentative and subject to change.

Please remember our coaches and all SMYO Board Members are volunteers.  They've agreed to help provide a fun and safe place for your child to learn and play soccer.  Help when you can.

SMYO Policy: Parents may not request coaches, practice nights/times, or practice/games locations.

SMYO Policy: Select the link to review SMYO Refund Policy

Birth Year Registration

As per US Soccer and US Youth Soccer, Southern Maryland Youth Soccer League (SMYSL) is changing to Birth Year registration starting with Fall 2016. This aligns Charles County with our state soccer association. If you have any questions about this change, please email smyosoccer@gmail.com. See Birth Year to Age Division Chart below:

Season 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21 2021-22 2022-23 2023-24 2024-25
Birth Year                  
2021                 PW
2020               PW PW
2019             PW PW U7
2018           PW PW U7 U7
2017         PW PW U7 U7 U9
2016       PW PW U7 U7 U9 U9
2015     PW PW U7 U7 U9 U9 U12
2014   PW PW U7 U7 U9 U9 U12 U12
2013 PW PW U7 U7 U9 U9 U12 U12 U12
2012 PW U7 U7 U9 U9 U12 U12 U12 U14
2011 U7 U7 U9 U9 U12 U12 U12 U14 U14
2010 U7 U9 U9 U12 U12 U12 U14 U14 U18
2009 U9 U9 U12 U12 U12 U14 U14 U18 U18
2008 U9 U12 U12 U12 U14 U14 U18 U18 U18
2007 U12 U12 U12 U14 U14 U18 U18 U18 U18
2006 U12 U12 U14 U14 U18 U18 U18 U18 U19
2005 U12 U14 U14 U18 U18 U18 U18 U19  
2004 U14 U14 U18 U18 U18 U18 U19    
2003 U14 U18 U18 U18 U18 U19      
2002 U18 U18 U18 U18 U19        
2001 U18 U18 U18 U19          
2000 U18 U18 U19            
1999 U18 U19              
1998 U19                


Click HERE for more information about SMYO Soccer

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SMYO Soccer
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SMYO Blue Crabs Fundraiser

Field Status
Bensville 1 - White Plains TBD (10/18) 
Bensville 2 - White Plains TBD (10/18) 
Bryantown - Waldorf TBD (10/18) 
Pisgah 1 - La Plata TBD (10/18) 
Pisgah 2 - La Plata TBD (10/18) 
Pomonkey 1 - Indian Head TBD (10/18) 
Pomonkey 2 - Indian Head TBD (10/18) 
SMYO - Pomfret TBD (10/18) 
SMYO 1 - Pomfret TBD (10/18) 
SMYO 2 - Pomfret TBD (10/18) 
SMYO 4 - Pomfret TBD (10/18) 
SMYO Batting Cage 1 - Pomfret TBD (10/18) 
SMYO Batting Cage 2 - Pomfret TBD (10/18) 
SMYO Batting Cage 3 - Pomfret TBD (10/18) 
SMYO Clubhouse - Pomfret TBD (10/18) 
SMYO Concessions - Pomfret TBD (10/18) 
SMYO Soccer PeeWee - Pomfret TBD (10/18) 
SMYO Soccer U7 1 - Pomfret TBD (10/18) 
SMYO Soccer U9/U12 1 - Pomfret TBD (10/18) 
SMYO Soccer U9/U12 2 - Pomfret TBD (10/18) 
Soccer-Bensville Park - White Plains TBD (10/18) 
Soccer-Craik Elementary - pomfret TBD (10/18) 
Soccer-Laurel Springs - La Plata TBD (10/18) 
Soccer-Pisgah Park - La Plata TBD (10/18) 
Soccer-Wade Elementary - Waldorf TBD (10/18) 
Soccer-White Plains - Waldorf TBD (10/18) 
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