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Welcome to Under 18 (U18) SMYO Soccer! 

This is for players 14-17 years of age, with a few 18 year olds who make the age cutoff date.  Games are played 11v11 and two 35-minute halves on a full-size field.  All players must wear shin guards and cleats to every practice and game.  Coach will not permit players on the field without proper equipment and uniforms for games.  All players must have adequate water or sport drinks to practices and games.  Most practices are 2 hours twice per week, maybe more during pre-season.  These teams have Full roster is 18 players. We offer two program:

Spring Season – Single gender county program playing 11 v 11. 

Fall Season – Coed county program with 11v11 and 4 girls on the field at all times.

U18 practices at McDonough HS, Bensville Park or Wade Elementary School.  Games are played at any county field including White Plains, Bryantown, Pomonkey, Bensville, Pisgah, and Laurel Springs.

Each team has a head coach, at least one assistant coach and a team parent.  If you are interested in coaching, please contact the SMYO Soccer Commissioners at .